Mobile homes and apartment accommodation in Pakostane


Pakostane surround four national parks in two nature parks unique beauty. Jagged islands and the exquisite beauty, Kornati are the ideal place and an attraction for boaters and picnickers. Beauty Krka river offers a unique experience of bathing under the waterfalls. Cliffs provide adventure climbing Paklenica, Plitvice lakes and incredible experience the beauty of mountain water and forests. Nature parks and Telaščica Vrana wealth of flora and fauna and attracts numerous visitors and fishermen. The nearby historic towns Biograd, Zadar and Sibenik offer visitors an interesting insight into the rich Croatian cultural heritage.

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Traveling the road to the northern Adriatic Dalmatia, between two rich historical town of Sibenik and Zadar ukazat will be a natural phenomenon of two equally attractive, and again, so many different blue. On one side is indented Adriatic coast, known for its inviting beauty and purity, and a druge, largest natural lake in Croatia.

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Park is velik 57 km2, to najveci gave 30,2 km2 applicable to Vrana laid in the direction of the northwest- southeast and providing a parallel to the sea coast, from which in places far less than a kilometer.

Vrana Lakes located near Pakoštane rightly bears the name of Nature Park. It abounds in various freshwater fish and is therefore a real fishing paradise for sports anglers who during almost the whole year can hunt on the lake and its shores. Bicyclists and hikers will experience incredible experience on its 30 km long bicycle path which goes around the entire lake. The route passes through the vantage points and areas that take a magnificent combination of colors with irresistible scents of wild aromatic plants, especially medicinal sage scent zamamnim. Part of the trail provides a refuge in the freshness of a pine forest close to the lake.